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Holiday Couture, a Savvy Winner and a Small World Story

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What do you get the person who has everything? 
Perhaps a luxurious, handmade stocking from Holiday Couture.
Holiday Couture stockings are one of kind, limited edition, made in the USA with the finest luxurious materials and sparkling Swarovski crystals.  As creator of Holiday Couture Shelly worked in the fashion industry for many years. Her design specialty, for St. John Knit and other fashion houses,is working with Swarovski crystals and luxurious embellishments. Shelly's Holiday Couture collection has been a labor of love and her pieces have become unique, highly sought collectibles. 
I am pleased to introduce the new collection of  Holiday Couture on my 
Stylemindchic Boutique 

(chic pieces for entertaining at the Boutique)

I enjoyed hosting the third edition of my Stylemindchic Style Sessions #sparkle for a lovely group of educators in Chico. Thank you TJmaxx for hosting us and the $25.00 gift card raffle. 
We enjoyed every moment!
For the fall version of our Stylemindchic Style Sessions last year here.

"I never win anything"... and this mindset of mine is exactly why I never win anything....
I read my lovely friend Leslie's blog Around the Table the other night to discover that I was the winner of the Savvy Sleepers Giveaway here. I love the concept of sleeping on a satin case to prevent hair from snarling and to reduce wrinkles. What's not to love? I was excited to win this give away of a 
luxurious anti-aging pillowcase. Thank you Leslie and I chose the luxurious 'white Russian' shade.

When Dale, owner/creator of Savvy Sleepers, contacted me I learned that her idea for the satin pillowcase line came from a conversation with her Aunt Jean, a hairstylist, living here in my 
small town of Chico, California. Now that's a small world!
Find your own Savvy Sleeper here. I am sleeping like a baby these days
Savvy Sleeper is running some great specials for December. 

Still shopping for gifts?
  More lovely links:
Gorgeous statement jewelry from my friend Tamera Beardsley's design studio.
Or wrap us something special from Luxuria by my blogger friend Vannessa in UK/Spain.
Greeting Card Universe is a favorite website for creative holiday cards 
(and it's owned by my cousins Mindy & Nasser).

I'm on the run for another fun collaboration with Upgraded Living Magazine today. 
Are you all geared up for the holidays? 
Do you have any tips for balancing the busy holiday schedule?

Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend.....

The perfect gifts for you or someone you love at my Stylemindchic Boutique!


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