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My Favorite Things about a Beachy Getaway

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Time slows down.........

and naps are mandatory.

Everyone stops to watch the sunset and the full moon rising....

and he looks like he's starring in a Slim Aarons photo shoot.

You feel the warmth and the fire only adds to the ambiance.

Surprise fireworks light up the sky for Valentine's day....

....and you remember why you got together in the first place.

*post dedicated to my friends in snowy, frozen climates. I've lived there and I understand the feeling of endless winter.

Please pardon spacing issues-posting these Instagram shots from an app poolside in 
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.
Rather than obsess about spacing I've made the decision to
get back to happy hour. ;)

Posting on the fly.....

Location:Paseo Malecón San José,San José del Cabo,Mexico

Location:Paseo Malecón San José,San José del Cabo,Mexico


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