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#Take Me Away....Reflections

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Orvieto, Italy July 2011

I first started reading blogs several years ago as an escape, a little 'take me away' moment from a dreary winter afternoon, or some beautiful inspiration before a challenging work day as a School Psychologist.
Blogs could transport me to a cafe in Paris, a beach in the Dominican Republic or a villa in Italy.  I wanted that balance in my life and I learned that I actually needed it. Thinking of something something calming or serene changes our brain chemistry and sets the tone for the day as I wrote in this post

Barbados 2010

I recently celebrated the second anniversary of my Stylemindchic Blog. With that milestone came excitement, a feeling of accomplishment, and even some moments of self-doubt.Why am I spending so much time on this endeavor? Do I really have anything of value to say? What is my point of view?  Oh yes, those moments of insecurity crept in and they have a way of doing that. I even shared them with some of my dear blogging friends. Their kind words encouraged me to keep going and even expand in some new and exciting ways.

Los Cabos, 2007

Yesterday I had a conversation with one of my nearest and dearest friends. Before we hung up she shared that reading Stylemindchic is her little escape and a #take me away moment in her day (she is also a School Psychologist). I already had the title of this post written in draft form at that very moment so her comment was the perfect validation for me. Thanks KK!

Barcelona 2006

I can't promise that Stylemindchic will always be a little escape. The style 'Mind' chic part of me will also feel the need to write about relationships, marriage, romance, mindfulness and even grief at times. There will likely be goofy humor, gratuitous eye-candy and bad jokes. I'm still obsessed with shoes and I can't get enough. This is the tapestry of life and also why being a lifestyle blogger feels right to me. 

My inspiration for creating a series of posts started with #Take Me Away: Having a St. Barths moment here.
I look forward to adding more posts to the #Take Me Away series. Thanks for coming with me.

By the way, I'm sure you know this but when I say style mind 'Chic' I mean chic (as in le french chic) 
rather than 'chick'. It's just more my vibe somehow. ;)

Where is your go to #take me away spot?


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