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Finding a Bra with the Perfect Fit

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Do you have a hard time finding a bra with the perfect fit like I do? Call it a brassiere, a bra, a foundation garment, an ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’, but whatever you call it, the older we get the more important it becomes.  A couple of years ago I decided it was time to have a proper brassiere fitting. I made an appointment at Nordstrom in Roseville and drove the 90 miles to my destination. After an hour of poking, prodding, lifting, mild embarrassment, and at least a couple of hot flashes, I emerged triumphant with 2 bras-a nude and a lacy black number-boasting the perfect fit. As I made my purchase the 20 something ‘fit specialist’, who had just spent 30 minutes up close and personal, looked at the name on my credit card and then up at me, “Aren’t you Annika’s step-mom?”.  Ummmm yes, and yes, you did come to sleepovers at my house in Chico back in the day. And yes, now you know way too much about me.  It’s such a small world isn’t it?

Black Bra

Did you know bras need to be updated every year or so, due to the stretching of materials and, not surprisingly, as our own shape changes? In early spring I realized that my beautiful Nordstrom bras had lost their lift which wasn’t doing me any favors. Rather than make the 90 minute drive I decided to try something new. True & Company, an online lingerie company, offers us to select up to 10 lingerie items for a try on in the comfort of our own homes. Simply decide which one or ones fit best and return the rest within 5 days. It’s really that easy, breezy. True & Company offers a ‘fit’ quiz on their website that targets specific needs when it comes to bra fit. You can select your choice of bras that are recommended based on the quiz and your personal choices.  I took the quiz, made my selections, and in a few days my package arrived.

True  Bra Collage

It felt luxurious to open the box, with pretty tissue paper, housing my selected lingerie and

I didn’t experience even one hot flash. I could have had a splash of bubbly during my at home

try on session………if only I had thought of it.

#cheers to lingerie

True lingerie in box

It was good to have time to check the fit, and recheck a day or 2 later, before making my final selections.

From True & Company:

Yes, we have an algorithm for bras-

Behind the scenes, our algorithm is hard at work. It defines 6,000 body types and incorporates data on every bra we carry after careful fit testing. We go beyond just a bra size calculator. Our algorithm selects the best bras for your personal shop and first home try-on box, from which we successfully fit 8 out of 10 women. If it wasn’t right the first time, we use your fit feedback to suggest new sizes to try.

I also appreciated this little guide on the website for how to know if you are wearing the right size of bra.


Size is really just a number. Like apparel, sizing across different manufacturers is not the same. That means you might need different sizes depending on the brand and style of the bra you are trying. Think instead about how your bras fit and feel on your body.

A good fitting bra will:

  • Feel nice and snug around the band on the loosest hook, without riding up in the back or shifting when you move
  • Provide cups that encapsulate all breast tissue without spilling from the top or sides. The underwire should rest on the outside of the breast painlessly against your rib cage.
  • The center gore in the front between the cups should lie completely flat against your rib cage between your breasts.
  • You should not have to re-adjust your bra throughout the day. A good fitting bra is barely noticeable when you’re wearing it and should not cause discomfort.

If your bra does not hold up in any of these areas then it may not be the right size or style for you. Let’s try some different sizes and styles and get you into a beautiful bra that fits comfortably!



In the end I choose two beautiful bras with the perfect fit. The black, by Leilieve is made in Italy, and the nude, is by Montelle. Both fit me perfectly according to the fit guide above and provide just the right combination of comfort, fit and sexiness. Having my initial fit quiz and my reviews of the bras sent to me, all online, allows True & Company to make even more refined suggestions on lingerie for me in the future. I made my own purchases and am pleased that True and Company offers a discount for readers and friends.

Just follow the link for some fun with lingerie.

 True & Company Discount

For a more personal look at our breasts-life and loss-here.

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