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Welcome to the Weekend….Revive and Restore

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Gardenias in bowl on my desk


Welcome to the weekend! It’s been a short work week but it seemed to drag a bit. We lost a leader, and a true inspiration, in Maya Angelou. I think you’ll enjoy this view of her stylish side. Some of us are still struggling with the emotional toll of the heartbreaking news from Isla Vista. Dealing with mental illness, violence, aggression and predatory behavior are components to my career and it hits pretty close to home. With two more busy weeks of school psychology, before my summer break, I’m feeling the need to revive and restore this weekend. How about you?

Some of my favorite tips to revive and restore:

Seek natural beauty


I was happy to see that the gardenias are blooming on our front patio. I love to float them in a bowl on my desk or bedside table. These creamy beauties say ‘summer’ to me and I adore the fragrance. They work as natural aromatherapy to lift our spirits and have restorative properties.


Pilates Reformer



I’ve started back to pilates at a local studio. It feels so good to be back on a reformer again (no 50 shades of grey here-this is pilates).  I owned one of the early reformers back in the 1990′s, when I lived in Los Angeles, and was a pilates devotee. Returning to the practice is a reminder of how strong, flexible and lean I can feel. A couple of Fridays ago the instructor said, “Use your core”,  and I confessed I no longer had one. She said I could don’t do that move without a core. Hallelujah!! I’ve still got a core. #welcomeback





I met two of my favorite friends for wine and tapas after work. I love these two, Melanie and Lily, all decked out in some Stylemindchic Boutique eye candy. Connecting with girlfriends is a perfect way to revive and restore in my book. Laughter changes the brain (and the wine doesn’t hurt either ;).


Computer and Cappachino



 Be kind to yourself

On a different note, I made the move to for my blog platform in April. Overall, I’m quite pleased with the new look and feel of the blog. My new theme has the comment section at the top of the post (click on the title to comment). It’s not a setting I’ve chosen but it’s my only option for now. There is also the little issue that each and every of my 285 or so posts need to be recalibrated, and most of my images re-optimized, for the new platform. It’s not difficult work but it is very time consuming, especially since I’m working nearly full time. I know that some of you have made that move or are considering it and I think it’s good to have a heads up. If you have any tips for moving a blog platform please share.  I’ve missed having time to comment on your beautiful blogs, as frequently as I usually do, as this huge project has been consuming. Summer is coming and I’ll get back into more consistency. Thank you for understanding and continuing to visit. Your comments are meaningful to me and I read each one.

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Welcome to the weekend~ let’s revive and restore!


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