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Welcome to the Weekend.....{blogging block and hitting the road to celebrate!}

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I want to go where she's going!

When I was too pressed for time lazy to scan my pre-digital camera photos for a  French Party post a couple of weeks ago I let Claudia Schiffer play the role of 'me' frolicking on the French Riviera here. Turns out it was much easier than either scanning old travel photos or working out the details of an outfit post. 

It's a funny thing. I have a complete block about posting this week. Normally when I sit down to create a post I have a million ideas floating around in my head. This week nada, zip, squat........
I started questioning what I really have to offer in these posts. Notice I said 'create' a post rather than 'write' a post. I definitely don't consider myself a writer. I read something about having an editorial calendar and scheduling posts well in advance and media campaigns and all manner of official sounding work. I tend to write my posts one at a time with no real planning and no back up plan. Which is why a block can lead to a time such as this. No matter, I've got plans for the weekend so such thoughts will have to wait.
  Does this creative block ever happen to you?

It's a busy weekend for us as we hit the road for 3 out of town graduation celebrations. Two of my beloved nephews, Jordan and Jared, are graduating this week so it's an exciting time for our family. I don't write about their mom,  my sis Heidi, often since she is a pretty private person.  I say private but back in the day my little sis not only read my diary but she actually answered some of the questions 
I had posed in my 'private' diary.

Say WHAT??
 I had written "Do I love______________? " and she had inserted the name of a boy I liked- in pen-as I later discovered. My secret diary was not so secret after all.
It's very! ;)

Heidi has a great sense of humor and memorized a couple of passages of that diary. I was 16, and for the first and last time, fancied myself a writer. I had written something like, "Moonlight Sonata is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. Listening to it now brings memories rushing over me like a flood".
 I know, extra cheesy, but I was 16, a hopeless romantic and 'in love'.
 Just for fun, my sister loves to quote that passage to me now and then- and we all laugh.
Recently we are all hanging out together and on cue she and my nephews, 14 and 18, burst into a rendition of my 16 year old prose, "Moonlight Sonata is one of the most beautiful pieces of music...memories rushing over me like a flood........" the legacy lives on.
 I laughed until I cried. 
I love my family!!

Despite the whole diary reading and editing thing, I adore my sister.
We may look totally different since we were both adopted at birth. I grew up hearing all about that gorgeous red hair of hers from total strangers. We are 'real' sisters through and through. 

I am smiling because I remember when Heidi went into labor with her first baby, Jordan. I was thrilled that she wanted me to be there. I immediately hopped a plane and made it to LA to be part of the miracle of  Jordan's birth. As it turns out, with my own fertility issues, that was the only time I was able to share such an 
amazing experience and I'll never forget it.

I am forever grateful that my sister has let me share her boys. 
I am one proud auntie this week and that makes me smile......creative block or not!

My family at the London Eye December 2012.
Mom, Heidi, Scott and me with
the boys, Jordan and Jared, our graduates!

It's a busy time of safe, have fun!
Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Proud Auntie,

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