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A Sparkling Day Sneaks Up On You Sometimes........

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Sometimes those sparkling moments in life just sneak up on know?
I had a spectacular day earlier this week. 

Some major computer problems, a late start, and a little dry shampoo (saved the day again), and
I was finally on the road. I drove the 90 minutes to Sacramento 
for some wedding shopping~with my mom.
For her wedding. 

Yes, love blooms at all stages in life.

I can't wipe the smile off my face as I write this, 
our mother-daughter day was that special.

First stop was the bridal salon downtown where we viewed her gown (no, I'm not revealing it here!).
We looked at accessories...
crystals, gems, sparkles and silk....the perfect details.

(We had enjoyed our selves so much we forgot our parking meter and were rewarded 
with a ticket~we laughed together, as we always do, "Oh well, let's not tell!". :)

The next time we had the valet park it and enjoyed a 'nice lunch' at the Hyatt downtown 
(I love summers off- suddenly I'm a lady who lunches!).
We visited the downtown flower market. It had been years since I'd been there and 
mom and I both swooned over the gorgeous blooms.
(Bonus: I found the perfect solution for hot flashes-the refrigerated room) #chill #no sweat #couldastayed
Invitations, florist, wedding planner.......we made stops all over town and got that list checked off.

I told mom she was giving me a tour of all the old haunts of my childhood in Sacramento.
I took piano lessons here, had my first kiss there, had a first date there, 
 played tennis there, said I was playing tennis but went to the park and had another kiss there.......
you know the routine. 

We reminisced and we laughed. 
We always end up laughing, the bride-to-be and me.

Just like that a magical, memory filled day surprised me........
and I will never forget it. #happy #love weddings#love love

More on my mom style here and inspiring here.

Here's to sparkling moments catching us by surprise~
and noticing them. What's sparkling for you this summer?


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