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Tips for Creating A Creature Comfort Workspace

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Good morning Monday! 

Are you racing out to your office like I am today?
 Easing back into the work week is made easier for me by creating a comfortable, functional space in my work environment. I posted about my home office recently here and thought it would be fun to share some tips of how I add some creature comforts to my work space at the office. 

As you can see I like a cheery palette, calming art work and a clean, simple design. 
This comfy chair has been a good improvement to my space the last couple of years.

Personal touches, such a favorite photo, personalized screen saver and 
the mug that I designed for Stylemindchic make it feel homey. 
The Klean Kanteen is a must that goes with me everywhere. 
Color coordinated file folders help keep me organized.
Adequate lighting for projects is also essential. I use a compact task light to adjust the light levels.
Fluorescent lighting gives me a headache so I prefer smaller, more ambient lighting in the space.

I brought in a jazzy little chair from home and have created a usable storage nook.
I also store plates, utensils and accessories to embellish my homemade lunches 
or prep the occasional microwaved lunch. I like Kashi-a healthier, lower sodium option, that I have 
stashed in the community freezer. 

I added hooks for bags and coats and 
a mirror for quick touch ups before a meeting. 
Toothbrush/paste, hairspray, band-aids and even deodorant go in the drawer.
(Is it just me or have you ever wondered-half way to work-if you missed that step?)

One of my favorite tips is the hot water maker. I use this to make green tea on  a daily basis.
This inexpensive little machine adds a healthy and comforting ritual to my day at the office.

I have a little stash of tea, oatmeal and Starbucks coffee (for emergencies)!

Green apples are always a favorite for snacking. I grab a handful at the beginning of the 
week and they last nicely.

I had a huge 4' x 4'  bulletin board over my office desk for years. It was burnt orange and as tacky as could be. One day I realized I couldn't stand looking at it another minute. I spotted an out of date calendar-with black and white photos of Paris-that I couldn't part with. I had an idea.  Within minutes I tacked up a collage of the calendar pages to create a backdrop for my bulletin board. I guess it was 
a bit like a vintage 'pinterest' board (if only I had thought of the real thing). 

Though my smashing black and white board adorned my office for years, I couldn't resist tacking up some extra photos from my 50th birthday trip to Italy and France a couple of years ago.  My colorful images play nicely with the black and white background and as I sip my tea I remember happy memories.

I feel fortunate to have my own office (with a door to the outside) following the building remodel a couple of years ago. Prior to that I shared a dark 'closet' with my friend Lily for about 8 years. I don't take the light and space for granted in this office and Lily is just across the hall.

One final addition I made to my office this year is an amplifier for my iPhone/iPad music. 
I found this one ' Simply Vibe' at Amazon and I'm pleased with the sound quality (you can click on the photo for link-I just typed it into search on amazon and just discovered a range of items I hadn't expected ;).

A little tea, music and visual inspiration helps even the most stressful day on the job. 

so I don't feel like this:

These elements help make facing Mondays a little more tolerable for me.
Do you have any tips for adding creature comforts to your work space??

Have a lovely week!

We are gearing up for holiday shopping at my Stylemindchic Boutique here! 


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