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Tame The Mane........{a hairy situation} and Hair Essentials!

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 (Beachy waves-on the beach at Zoetry, Domincan Republic)

When was the last time you washed your hair and had absolutely no product to put in it? 
On Day 4 of our adventure, with no luggage, in the Dominican Republic 
I finally washed my hair and quickly became reacquainted with the 'fro' I had been keeping at bay 
ever since the invention of hair products (circa 1979?).

In the tropical climate my tresses became truly 'big'-bushy and dry. 
My husband even admitted I was in a sorry state and had no ideas for me.
My 'virgin' hair couldn't be tamed by a hat or even a pony tail.
 My best solution was to braid the sucker for a little bit of volume reduction. 
That's the thing about hair, it's really no big deal, unless it turns ugly on you. 
We ordered room service that night.  

Thankfully our luggage (and my boatload of hair products!) arrived the next day.  
(A hat is usually my go to bad hair day solution)

These photos were taken after my products arrived-believe me-there were no photos allowed of the 'fro'. 
Hair products- serums, hair creams, texturizers, salt sprays, and hair sprays- really do make a difference-at least on my hair which has a mind all it's ownThis situation ended up being a reminder of how much I truly rely on my trusty products for the tresses. 
Are you like me or do you just have naturally gorgeous locks?

 I almost entitled this post "Jennifer Aniston I Could Kiss You" but then you might have thought I was going an entirely different direction. Jen is cute and all, but I am really loving her new hair product line-
'Living Proof'. There is science behind Living Proof and the technology doesn't include the typical silicone and oils. I find Living Proof to be nourishing, moisturizing, frizz proofing and it does not weigh my hair down. I also like the texture of my hair after using the products. I've tried both the 'frizz line' and the 'restore line' and was impressed with the results of both. Anti-fading for color is also essential for me. The 'style extender' is award winning in breakthrough technology and I really think it works.
The 'satin' hair serum is my current must have product.

It smooths and shines without oils and silicone. It seems to cut drying time in half-a big bonus!
I like that they have travel size collections to try the line without investing in the large size products.

I also love the light, fresh fragrance. It reminds me of a spa in Cabo (Pacifica).
Living Proof here.
By the way-the best spray I've found for flat ironing is Chi (great heat protection).

Tigi Catwalk Salt Spray is my go to for creating undone beachy waves at home.

Speaking of hair, this tip here I discovered in London.

I swear taking this makes my hair thicker- biotin.

(I cut about 3 inches off recently- post hair cut dinner at Red Tavern last week)

By the way friends, did you know it's a RULE that you must go out on the town immediately following 
a hair appointment? (On Instagram I learned that some of you agree with this rule. ;)

Why waste a good blow out??

I cracked up over Jody's blog discussing hair here.

Is your hair behaving lately? I would love to hear.....

Here's to a good hair week among other things! 

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