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5 Summertime Favorites!

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(photo from trip to Zoetry in Punta Cana, D.R.)

I hope that you are still enjoying some lazy days of summer. 
It's been a pretty relaxing summer around here 
and I'm sorry to say
 it's officially coming to a close. #sayitaintso

A career in education, as a School Psychologist, certainly has it's rewards 
and having seven weeks off
in summer has been, indeed, a gift. 
I never take it for granted
but it's back to work for me on Monday.

Today I'm reflecting on my summer favorites:

1. Fresh, healthy fruits and veggies from the farmer's market are our luscious summer bounty.
Fresh and simple eating, like this caprese salad, is my favorite.

2. Finishing up projects that have been 'hanging' around like this chandelier in our bedroom. 
We purchased it  in Paris in 2003 here at the flea market. 
It had been hanging (naked without many crystals) over our bed for a year.

Do you ever procrastinate like I do?
3. This sparkling day I shared with my mom helping with her wedding plans.
The flower market made us swoon.

4. Sleep! Feeling purely, completely rested for the first time in many months is the best.
(I have major sleep issues and I can't sleep when it's light. 
This little sleep mask really helped me sleep in a bit).

Zoetry Beach

 Reacquainting myself with napping at the beach in Dominican Republic
also helped encouraged #4 Sleep
Our trip here
(unfortunately it started with the not so relaxing here)

5. All of the above helped me get reacquainted with this guy....... 
Tips for Summertime Romance here.
#summer romance #hotincaribbean ;)

(a little going back to work reward purchase)
*This splashy little kimono robe from Natori will remind me of our trip to the Caribbean during cooler fall months. I like that it hits just below the knee for comfort (no need for careless flashing).

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By the way, dear blogger friends,
I have a question about the 'comments'  section.
Do you comment on comments readers have left on your blog or do you go to the blogger who commented and leave a comment on their blog? 
I used to reply to almost all of the comments on Stylemindchic but wondered 
if anyone really went back to see if there was a response.
How do you handle this?
Do you respond to the comments you receive on posts?
Do you go back to previous posts to see if there was a response to your comment?
Would love to hear your thoughts on this as I want to be a kind blogger. Thanks!

So that's summer favorites.
What are you loving about your summer?

Wish me luck with that darn alarm clock!  grrrrrrr
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