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I Get By With a Little Help......from my friends!

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I feel compelled to share my deep and heartfelt appreciation for those of you who wrote kind and compassionate comments on my last post here about my first miscarriage.

Your understanding and care means more to me than I can articulate. 
Your words provided me comfort, even ten years later,
 as memories of that loss resurfaced, 
and I thank you.

That's just the thing about most women......
(and if you are reading this you are likely my kind of woman ;)
you inspire me daily with wisdom, strength, honesty, courage and generosity. 
If someone is hurting or scared or feeling low or needing courage..........
you reach out with inspired words of support (a virtual hug).

I read your lovely comments on all kinds of lovely blogs.
are changing the world with your encouragement and support
to so many others on a daily basis. 

Even though we likely have never met, I feel the connection, and I am grateful. 
Blogging has opened my world to real time friends whom I already adore and to
new 'soul sisters' from around the world.
It's a gift.

I find that the women I chose to surround myself with, at this time in life, are living truly authentic lives. 
I just don't have time for the rest of it.........are you feeling it too?

(................with a little help from your friends)

My hope for Stylemindchic is generally to be a sunny place, an escape, 
where you might find a little style, hot tip, travel idea, inspiration or a smile.
It is always difficult to know how 'open' to be with real life stuff and yet, at this stage in my life,
I'm feeling the need to be completely authentic-warts and all. 

When allowing myself to be real about the less sunny side of life, and reading your comments, 
I'm feeling that my real life musings have a place as well.
In sharing my stories I hope that they can touch someone else who may be struggling at the time.

Out of darkness and loss we can create new dreams.........
I promise. I've been there.

And sometimes



to share

something sunny ........

like a day on the the lake in Italy!!! 

Need a captain?

Thank you for sharing my journey.........

Here's to you today!
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