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Shoe Crush....matters of the sole.

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My husband and I went out on the town Saturday night in Chico. It was a dress up with heels kind of evening and we were in the mood for a little date night. After an especially delectable foodie dinner at Spice Creek Cafe and a craftsman cocktail at my friend's new hot spot Argus, a walk around downtown Chico was suggested. It was a crisp fall evening with leaves sprinkling the sidewalks, and then I felt it. My feet were starting to hurt. I silently hung with it...but was relieved when we got back to the car.

I love a heel, it' no surprise. There is a certain natural adjustment of the posture, a lift in height, in confidence and the feeling of being a tad bit....sexier? Oui..... It can be addicting. 
I came across this chic little video from the iconic French fashion blogger, Garance Dore, with the explanation on why a woman in heels can look so good. A bonus is that Christian Louboutin gives his explanation of why women look sexier in heels.

Sigh, everything sounds better with le French accent. Oui?

I wore flats to work recently and I didn't even think about my feet all day. I found myself charging down the hall, ready to take on any challenge......

Was I really in that much of a hurry?

These are sweet.

 I managed pretty well in this pair from DianeVon Furstenberg for my mother's wedding recently. 
I bought them a half size up and that made them reasonably comfortable (for a stiletto ;).
It didn't hurt that DVF actually approved my choice on Instagram here.
(If you didn't catch the love wedding here.)

My pinterest board on my latest shoe obsessions 

Are you more of a heels or flats woman at heart or 'sole'??
Are considering carrying some roll up flats in your bag like me?

I'm off to a holiday soiree' at my favorite hair salon/spa in town tonight.
I have a makeup session reserved and lots of fun will ensue at Mecca with Claudia and the girls.

Happy Monday!

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